Fluorspar Market

Fluorspar Market

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Fluorspar Market Summary*

Fluorspar – Principal Uses

 There are two principal commercial grades of fluorspar produced:

Metallurgical-spar accounts for approximately 40-45% of the total fluorspar production with the principal applications being:

Acid-spar, the grade of fluorspar which the Company is planning to produce, accounts for approximately 55-60% of total fluorspar production with the principal applications being:

Fluorspar – Production and Consumption

The current global production fluorspar is 6.0–6.5 million tonnes per year:

 Fluorspar – Pricing

The price weakness does not impact the Company’s long-term strategy as it is not yet in production and the positive macroeconomic drivers for future prices are essentially unchanged.

Fluorspar – Tertiary Minerals Strategic Opportunity

Based on macroeconomic drivers the Company is strategically placed to capitalise on this position in the future by developing its 100% owned large fluorspar assets, containing fluorspar resources of 13.1 million tonnes, located in the USA and Europe.

*The information in this Fluorspar Market Summary is drawn from various sources, including Industrial Minerals Magazine, United States Geological Survey, Roskill, UN Comtrade and CRU.