Building a Strategic Position in the Fluorspar Sector


  • Richard Clemmey’s IG Interview - 23 June 2015
Richard Clemmey’s IG Interview - 23 June 2015

Fluorspar Price

  • US$270-300/tonne Chinese Acid-Grade Wet Filtercake, Delivered (CIF) Rotterdam
    (19 November 2015)

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Tertiary Minerals plc (ticker symbol 'TYM') is an AIM-traded mineral exploration and development company building a significant strategic position in the fluorspar sector.

Fluorspar is an essential raw material in the chemical, steel and aluminium industries and Tertiary controls two significant Scandinavian projects (Storuman in Sweden and Lassedalen in Norway) and a large deposit of strategic significance in Nevada USA (MB Project). 

A European Commission report has named fluorspar as one of its 14 'critical mineral raw materials' for which a predicted supply shortage would represent a substantial economic threat.

The fluorspar market is going through a 'paradigm shift' - with China evolving from a large net exporter to a potential net importer. Tertiary Minerals plc is one of a limited number of listed companies offering exposure to looming fluorspar market shortage.

Shares in the Company trade on AIM.